Bespoke Fabric Design


Here at Sail Style we like a challenge! Our biggest to date being a 30M/15M sound proofing wrap for a marine piling drill. This was like a hudge pocket sewn together with over 300M of fabric and filled with sound proofing foam.
Another large construction that we have produced is a large cover for a bridge on the M3 Motorway. Engineers were removing the road surface waterproofing layers and could not afford for it to be rained on which would have turned into complete destruction of the bridge. This 2 lane Bridge cover was produce for Balfour Beatty.
Check out for a tasty relaxing meal under one of our Awnings.

Other interesting constuctions,

  • Covers for Veterinary MRI Scanners
  • Restaurant soft furnishings
  • Trailer covers
  • Seat covers for the Fat Face Bus
  • Tuk Tuk cover
  • Promotional sails
  • Garden Canopies and Awnings
  • Large Duffle bag look allike changing rooms
  • Interiors and manufacturing for high street shops like Fat Face



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