Sail Style not only produce Sails and Covers for many types of boats on request like RIB Covers, Sprayhoods, Bimini's, Tonneau Covers, Dodgers, Stackpacks, Upholstery, Crusing and Racing sails, too many different things to name them all. We also repair all types Sails, Covers, Tents, Awnings, Kites, You name it and we'll be able to help. Just give us a call and ask. Any type of Canvas, Upholstery, Bespoke fabric designs, Bags, and repairs are undertaken at Sail Style.
Here at Sail Style we are very keen sailors with many championships under our belts. We understand the knowledge of sailing, more to the point we understand the need for getting your kit together and getting out on the water. We are always making sure our work is able to give our customers great satisfaction in all areas we deal in. Keeping you covered and protected. One of our strongest points is giving you great value for money.
In the current English economic state this means getting the kit you need is still capable.

A couple of years ago we joined forces with Mountifield Sails, winning races for over 42 yrs, this extended our capabilities. Allowing us to design, develop and produce many new products expanding on our already vast range.

Materials are sourced from a number of manufacturers to suit almost all aspirations or budgets. Sail Style try to keep up on the ever rapidly growing development of fabrics to give you the best of what you are after.

New customer enquiries are always welcome and will experience the same high level of service our many regular customers enjoy.


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Sail Style are currently only open Monday - Thursday 0730-1500. Please call ahead if you are planning a visit to avoid disappointment if we are out when you get here.